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Necessary Accessories

The Art of Epoxy! The needed accessories What accessories are needed for the use of epoxy resin on canvas? First, it is imperative to protect oneself when using resin, whether for the creation of works of art of any kind or for more ambitious construction projects.  ...

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How to mix colours

The Art of Epoxy! How to mix colors with resin mixture? If your epoxy preparation is already mixed, know that you have about 45 minutes to incorporate it into your colors and use them on your works before it starts to harden. Ideally, you will have already prepared in...

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How to mix epoxy resin

The Art of Epoxy! How to mix epoxy resin? It’s very simple… If you follow the directions! 1-To obtain a good and beautiful result, not sticky, perfectly dry and shiny, it is important to use the right proportions of resin and hardener and to mix them well together....

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